Thursday, September 22, 2016

Open House: Welcome Home! ♡

After a week of various recruitment events while tanning under the sun at Sidewalk Sale to give FREE HUGS, we finally had our Open House Cell at our home away from home, Newman House!

We started off the night with our usual "weekly" sharing as we got to catch up with each other on our respective summer adventures.

Our first activity was an icebreaker that involved a beautiful blanket as our curtain, and we had everyone split on two teams to learn each others names!

Waiting for the curtain to drop....


We also played Telestrations and definitely got a lot of laughs out of the final products of each sentence... This game is essentially broken telephone but through drawings and sentences. For example, we had one sentence that said "Do you want to build a snowman?" and at the end of the round, it evolved into "Olaf got impaled"! 

Everyone was hard at work, drawing and writing to present to the next person!

The sharing of the final sentences is the best part of the game!

As with our annual tradition of Curry Fish Balls, we sang "Shine Jesus Shine" and our star song, "Only Hope" for Singspiration! We definitely had an amazing time with our new members joining our little "home and away from home", QCCC family. 


Monday, August 22, 2016

WYD 2016 Krakow: Blessed are the Merciful

This is the event that we had been waiting for years - the World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow,  a grand opportunity for millions of young Catholics worldwide to discuss, re-examine and celebrate their faith. This year, six members of the QCCC community attended WYD as part of a larger contingent of 30 pilgrims from two Chinese parishes in Toronto (CMCC and SAT).
CMCC-SAT WYD pilgrims gathered at Pearson Airport!
Our first week was spent in the quiet town of Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski and we lived with local host families who hailed from a variety of backgrounds. Nonetheless, all of them had something in common - hospitality and enthusiasm for the Catholic faith. Each day, we had a morning prayer in a different church, before heading out for the day's activities.
Candlelight eucharistic adoration in the town square of
Ostrowiec Sw.
On the first day, we had a Stations of the Cross as we climbed a hill to visit the Basilica of the Holy Cross [relic]. The Basilica's spire offered a picturesque view of the surrounding countryside, which was made even more beautiful by the church's  hilltop location. That evening, we had candlelight Eucharistic adoration in the town square.
Wavin' Flag at the Basilica of the Holy Cross.
The activities of the following days included visits to a flint mine, a concert by Piotr Rubik, one of Poland's most popular contemporary composers, and a visit to the Sandomierz city, a well-preserved Old Town with a castle.
Canadian pilgrims with flags at
Visiting the flint mines. The mayor of Ostrowiec also
drops by to say hi.

These events only served as a precursor to a hectic but eventful week in Krakow, three hours away by bus. We celebrated Opening Mass, the Stations of the Cross and the Pope's Welcoming Ceremony in the large Blonia Park on three different nights with over a million other pilgrims, while braving bouts of rain and transit closures. Our daily cathechesis sections took place in the spanking new Tauron Arena, the designated venue for some of the English-language activities; some of the guest peakers included Cardinal Tagle (Phillipines) and Cardinal Timothy Dolan (New York).
Welcome to Krakow! Cool sign found at Rondo G.
A million pilgrims at Blonia Park. The rain could not
dampen their spirits.
What made the events more impressive were the numerous contingents of pilgrims proudly showing off their country flags and trading memorabilia with each other. Not only did we greatly increase our knowledge of country flags, we also had a meaningful time learning about others' cultures and practices.
St Mary's Basilica, overlooking
Ryneky Glowny, the main square
of Krakow.
Six pilgrims with their flags.
All the events in Krakow culminated in an overnight vigil at the massive Campus Misericordiae, which was a 10km walk from our hostel. We set up huge tarps at the campsite along with our sleeping bags, and Fr. Dominic and Fr. Thomas celebrated a minimalist daily mass with us on the tarp. At the conclusion of the vigil, Pope Francis celebrated Sunday Mass and then announced that the next WYD would be held in Panama in 2019.
The pilgrims at the Pope John Paul II Sanctuary.
The group basking in the sun on their sophisticated
network of tarps (and a tent) at Campus Misericordiae.
Candlelight vigil at Campus Misericordiae. Can this get any
Even after the events were over, we still had two days to explore the beautiful city of Krakow and also paid a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Wieliczka Salt Mines, home to an immaculate underground chapel and many memorials, statues and chambers.
St Kinga's chapel in the Wieliczka Salt Mines. This is just
amazing (and 100m underground).
This year's WYD 2016 proved to be a memorable experience that reminded us of the importance and relevance of our Catholic faith. Will you be joining us for WYD 2019 in Panama?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

QCCC Celebrates its 25th Anniversary!

Time really flies. It is hard to believe that QCCC started off with its humble beginnings in 1991 and has continued to be a welcoming community for students. On June 5, we organised a 25th anniversary celebration at Angus Glen Community Centre and invited alumni and current members to reconnect and indulge in the festivities. 
Featuring the debut of our brand new QCCC banner!
Registration booth
Some of the activities that took place were mainly for nostalgic reasons as they have been QCCC traditions for many years. The Curtain Game, for instance, has been a traditional icebreaker for many of our Open Houses, and still proves to be an exciting way of getting people to know each other. Reverse charades, where one person guesses and everyone else acts out a phrase, and Broken Telephone Pictionary are the two other activities that have been in our activity repertoire for many years too.
Who's behind the curtain? 
Oh hi there. Do you know my name?
Broken telephone pictionary in progress. 
Reverse charades and modern technology intersect!
Mmm, lunch.
After a sumptuous lunch, the current executive members then gave a presentation updating alumni on the recent happenings and challenges that QCCC faces. We were also shown some old photos of how QCCC was like from 1995 to 1999, including how Newman House used to have carpeted floors and bright green wallpaper.

What's up QCCC?
No QCCC gathering is complete without a Singspiration session and we were blessed to have a gifted guitarist and fellow alumni to perform the instrumentals for us.

What about a massive cake and a group photo? We also had that in mind.
Group photo feat. New Banner. 
Ceremonial cake-slicing. 
Let's have some fun before eating the cake!
QCCC has been going strong for 25 years and we hope it will go strong for even more generations to come. What is in store for us in the future? Only time can tell.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Final Potluck - Not an April Fool's Joke!

Matthias' award-winning breakfast cupcakes. It got lots of likes on Instagram.
It's that time of the year again! No, not April Fool's Day, but last cell. As per the custom, QCCC had a potluck for the last cell of the school year and we were pleased to have several alumni as well as guests from last year's GT committee visit us. Father Raymond also dropped by to say hi, and Rita, the Chaplain at Joyceville Institution (where QCCC volunteers at) also visited.

Look that large array of mouthwatering dishes!
Along with the sumptuous food and social mingling, this was also the time to say goodbye to our graduating members. This year, there are two fresh graduates, Colin and Wendes (and technically Hilton, but he's staying for graduate studies). The rest of QCCC came together to perform a rendition of Maroon 5's "Daylight" with lyrics modified to suit the occasion.
Cha Gheill, Cha Gheill, Cha Gheill!
Not to mention, the two were pleased and overjoyed to receive painstakingly assembled and handcrafted scrapbooks containing photos, messages and cute puzzles.

Lastly, no potluck is complete without a series of group shorts, both formal and with shenanigans. Kudos to Terence's camera and remote!

Run-of-the-mill standard pose.
The signature sit with your back facing the camera and turn your
head around to tell the world that QCCC rocks your socks. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Church is a Mystery?

What is the Church? If you had to define “the Church” in a single sentence, what would you say? Is it an institution, a structure, a gathering, a community, a people? All of the above, and more? On February 26th, we learned about what the Church is through one Bishop Robert Barron's video's entitled "The Mystical Union of Christ and the Catholic Church." 

A brief snapshot of the video "The Mystical Union of Christ and the Catholic Church"

Afterwards we had a discussion focused around the importance of the Church in our own lives as well as for those around the world. We followed that up with discussions regarding how the Church was related to Jesus and how it differed from other organizations, its job and the relationship between the Church and God. We learnt that the Church was an organization linking like-minded individuals  and that the Church unified people with Christ in order to have their sins forgiven. And finally, we learnt that both God and the Church are one in order to unite people around the world in the faith.

We followed up the discussion with "Saintspiration" focused on Saint Salvator of Horta, who was previously a shoemaker before he decided to join the Franciscan Order, and learned more about his life through a short quiz.

Saint Salvator of Horta healing the sick with the Sign of the Cross.

Afterwards we ended the night off with an impromptu singspiration (featuring Youtube).